Black- T is a polymer finish which has a very thin layer thickness and exceptional features within the finishing industry. The finish provides exceptional protection against corrosion and Very low friction coefficient.

Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD is the only company in Israel that provides Black-T finish in accordance with the current international regulations and standards (Vickers 1-3-1-169)
Our employees have been trained and certified to complete the finish in the manufacturer’s factory located in the US.

Black-T finish is suitable for various industrial sectors such as Defense, Civil, Hi- Tech, Electronic, Optic etc.

Finish Properties

  • Black matt/ Green shade
  • Very low friction coefficient of 0.1-0.08
  • High temperature resilience
  • Salt cell resilience: Class 1 – 4000 Hours; Class 2 – 1500 Hours
Class Thickness in Microns Types
Class 1 33-35 Type I, Type I-A, Type II-A,
Type II-B, Type II-C, Type IV
Class 2 7-18
Class 1 13-38 Type III
Class 2 10-18
Class 1 7-18 Type V
Class 2 2.5-10
Type (Vickers Standard) Infrastructure Surface Preparation
Type I Steel Phosphate Finish GMPS 160
Type I-A Steel Abrasive cleaning No. 1
Type II-A Aluminum Sulfuric anodize without sealing
Type II-B Aluminum Anodized ceramic without sealing
Type II-C Aluminum Chemical conversion (Alodine)
Type III Copper Passivation
Type IV Magnesium Abrasive cleaning
Type V Titanium Abrasive Cleaning/Conversion Treatment
Black-T גימור מתכות ופלסטיק 98