Blackening (Black Oxide)

Blackening Processes

Processes used to blacken steel, stainless steel and copper. The blackening process creates a thin dark black oxide finish and is a result of a chemical reaction on the surface of the material.

Advantages and Applications of Blackening

Black Oxide finish has minimal impact on the proportions of the processed materials and minimizes light reflection. It is mainly used on weapons, gears, decorative items and optical systems.

Blackening Processes – Black Oxide Finishes for Steel

The steel finish is created in an iron steel oxidation process. The blackening process itself does not provide corrosion resistance. In order to add corrosion resistance to the material, all parts must be oiled. A request for a specific oil/ grease, must be stated when the finishing order is placed.

Black Oxide Finish MIL-DTL-13924

Classification according to Class

Class Description
Class 1 Alkaline oxidation for carbon steel cast
Class 2 Chromatic alkaline oxidation for steels and for several stainless steels that underwent a chromate process of up to 482 degrees Celsius.
Class 3 Molted salt process for stainless steels that underwent a chromate process above 482 degrees Celsius (Not performed at our factory)
Class 4 Alkaline oxidation for stainless steels not included in the previous categories.
Blackening (Black Oxide)
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