Cobalt Zinc

Cobalt Zinc Coating- Alloy Coating

Unique alloy coating which contains two atom Types: zinc atoms and cobalt atoms. The cobalt zinc coating has a higher corrosion resistance level than a regular zinc coating and can be applied with all passivation tones: black, white, yellow and green.

Cobalt Zinc Coating- exclusively performed by Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD.

Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD is the single company in Israel performing cobalt zinc alloy coating. The company owns and operates a unique form of technology in order to perform analysis and control the composition of the final coating solution variables.

ASTM B 840

Classification according to Class- coating composition

Class Zinc Component Cobalt Component
Class 1 99% 1%

Classification according to Type – After plating passivation treatment

Type Type of Treatment
Type A Proceeds toneless chromate treatment- white passivation
Type B Proceeds yellow chromate treatment
Type C Proceeds bronze shade treatment
Type D Proceeds black treatment
Type E All mentioned treatments, in addition of an organic coat (paint, polish etc.)

Classification according to Grade – Coating Thickness

Grade Minimal Micron Thickness
6 6
12 12
18 18
Cobalt Zinc
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