Galvanized Iron

A high corrosion resistance alloy

Galvanized Coating

Galvanized coating is ideal for the finishing of screws, train parts and presser part’s exposed to severe environmental conditions. Compared to regular
zinc coating, this coating presents improved durability in severe corrosion conditions and his salt cell resilience is three times higher than zinc

The iron zinc coating is especially effective for moving parts assemblies due to its high wear durability levels and is in constant demand among industrial

Zinc-Plated Iron Content

Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD owns advanced equipment for testing zinc-plated iron content, which enables better control of the bath variables and
quality required by the various standards.

ASTM B 842

Classification according to Class- coating composition

Class Zinc Plated Component Iron Plated Component
Class 1 99% 1%

Classification According to Type – Passivation Type

Type Passivation Type
Type A Black chromatic passivation
Type B Yellow passivation

Classification According to Grade – Coating Thickness

Grade Minimal Micron Thickness
6 6
12 12
18 18
Galvanized Iron
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