A hard metallic chemical element with a silvery white color that is highly resistant to oxygen and highly suitable for forging and stretching. Nickel is primarily used in the making of alloys and stainless steel.

Nickel Coating

The shiny appearing nickel coating is highly common in the industry and is often used for the coating of a variety of metals and materials in any size and complexity level. Nickel coating provides corrosion protection and is resistant to abrasion. It has magnetic capacities and causes minor adjustments to the base metal in comparison to other coatings. Due to its shiny and brilliant appearance, the nickel coating is widely used for decorative items and places.

Nickel Coating Common Usage

Nickel coating is commonly used in the automobile and aerospace industries. It is also widely used in the following fields and industries: electrical circuits coating, medical equipment and devices, fitness equipment, display fixtures for retail chains, lightning, furniture, affixing items and decoration.


Classification According to Class – Coating Purposes

Class Coating Purpose
Class 1 Corrosion prevention nickel coating
Class 2 Nickel coating for engineering purposes

Classification According to Grade – Coating Thickness

Grade Thickness in Inch Thickness in Micron
A 0.0016 40.6
B 0.0012 30.5
C 0.001 25.4
D 0.008 20.3
E 0.006 15.2
F 0.004 10.2
G 0.002 5.1
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