Tin is a white metallic fairly soft metal. It is easy to process and flattening and is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Tin Plating

The tin plating process can be performed with electrolyte and through the use of a hot dip. When reaching its melting temperature of 231.9° C, tin creates a soft and flexible coating suitable for various purposes and is especially common in the electronic industry.

Tin Plating Advantages

  • Tin is a user friendly metal that has excellent welding capacity.
  • Tin does not require heating to high temperatures that may damage other components found in its vicinity.
  • Tin plating is non-toxic and therefore suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries and for corrosion protection.
  • Tin creates a soft and flexible protective layer that does not tend to crack and expose the base metal – even in cases of mechanical deformations that occur during the work process.
  • Tin plating can be performed in two ways: Bright tin plating and Matt tin plating which has superior solder capacity.
  • Tin Plating is performed according to standard ASTM B545


Classification According to Class and Thickness of Plating and Applications

Class Thickness in micron Thickness in micro inch Terms of Service Description
Class A 2.5 100 Medium corrosive atmosphere Primarily used in the Electronic industry for corrosion protection and coating conductive contacts
Class B 5.0 200 Medium corrosive atmosphere Designed for use as a base for soldering, in preparation for painting and various coatings
Class C 8.0 – 10.0 320 – 400 Mild corrosive atmosphere A more solid plating than the Class B plating. Serves as the basis for soldering even after long term storage. Not intended for outdoors use.
Class D 15.0 – 20.0 600 – 800 Severe terms of service Suitable for outdoors use such as coating of gas taps accessories and likes.
Class E 30 1200 Very sever terms of service High temperature and abrasion resistant.
Class F 1.5 6 Medium corrosive atmosphere Similar characteristics as Class A, however with a shorter shelf life
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