Company Profile

Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD has been in the business of metal finishing and surface treatments since 1968.

Located in Yavne’s industrial district, the company factory is built on over 5000 sq. feet, including the 3000 sq. feet workshop and plant.

The factory offers a variety of finishing lines, including automatic and manual finishing lines, which are known as the most unique and advanced finishing lines available in this current market.
The factory holds one of the most exclusive and effective water waste treatment and full water cycle facility.

The company consists of a highly experience and qualified workforce and adheres to providing quality products and trustworthy service while strictly maintaining a client requested schedule.
With more than forty years of experience, the company specializes and excels in all types metal finishing and services such as zinc, zinc cobalt, galvanized iron, cadmium, platinum, palladium, nickel, palladium nickel, electroless nickel, various types of anodized (natural, hard, Teflon etc.), blackening, copper, passivation, chemical conversion, tin, tin lead and more.
The company provides extensive and professional service which includes consulting and providing metal finishing solutions, developing surface treatments and escorting the project and the client from the first to the last step.

The finishing processes are performed according to specifications based on metal finishing international regulations. The factory is approved by standards ISO 18000, ISO 14000, ISO 9001- 2008, AS 9100. The company has received multiple certifications from companies such as Elop, Elbit, Israel Military Industries, Israel aerospace industries and more.
The company has a quality control system which includes a skilled and experienced audit staff, analytical laboratory and advanced finishing thickness testing equipment and an ASTM-B-117 corrosion resistance salt cell tester.

Our clients include: Israel Military Industries, Israel aerospace industries, Ham- Let, Elbit, Elop, spectronix LTD, Motorola, Magal, Soltam, Avco, Indigo, Tat Technologies, Orbotech and many more fine and successful companies.

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