Quality Assurance

The metal finishing and metal surface treatment business is a highly complex and broad field that requires extensive knowledge, experience and proper equipment suitable for completing products at a high level according to the required market regulations.

Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD sees product quality as a top priority and constantly works for the improvement of the quality of her products.

Every product manufactured by the company is individually addressed and treated during all of the production process. Every product has a specific working process customized by the company’s engineering department. The process is determined by the type of product and the standards requirements which includes steps such as admission review process, finale review and packaging.
As part of the product quality assurance, the company owns the most advanced and versatile inspection equipment available in today’s market. This equipment includes:

  • A unique device for testing the thickness of the finishing
  • Analysis of the various coating layers composition
  • Analysis in order to examine the composition of raw materials
  • ROHS testing
  • Salt fog chamber testing corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion resilience creep testing machine
  • Coating conductivity measurement equipment
  • Abrasion resistance measurement equipment

Our materials are the best materials available in today’s market and are supplied only by standard, certified and authorized suppliers.
The factory had a well -equipped laboratory operated by a highly qualified chemist team which runs continuous analysis to ensure that work is performed at exact concentrated solutions and under the ultimate and best chemical and environmental terms.

Among its clientele, Metal Finishing & Plastic LTD also works with major clients in the aerospace, security and aviation fields.

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